DC Energy Services is a consulting firm that specializes in Industrial Systems, Energy Engineering and Project Management.


Industrial systems

DC Energy Services understands the challenges manufacturing, food processing and industrial customers face when it comes to designing and modifying processes at their facilities.  Our top priority is ensuring our customers’ needs are met by providing unique solutions through a systems approach in order to maximize overall process efficiency. Our team has completed/assisted in  project evaluation, design, execution and measurement and verification for more than 100 projects resulting in over $14MM in annual cost savings to clients.


Energy engineering

Energy Engineering is a multidisciplinary field requiring an incorporation of engineering principles and concepts with mindfulness of construction feasibility, process management and economics. With over 100 GWh and 12 MW of verified energy and demand savings, our team of Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers’ unique experiences allow us to provide feasible and out-of-the-box energy conservation opportunities for our clients. In addition, our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals can establish accurate baseline energy usage as well as modeling proposed energy conservation measures.

project management

In the current climate, many customers are faced with increasing costs and increased competition stateside and abroad. In order to feasibly implement projects, agile project management is crucial. Our team is experienced with adapting to the complexity and unpredictability often encountered during the project lifecycle and prides ourselves on providing honest, unbiased feedback to our customers. From early assessment to project implementation, we maintain open communication with our clients to ensure we are providing the most cost-effective service as your trusted project management consultant.